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Curately is your one-stop source of inspiration, with the images you love, curated by the people you like, and the links you’ll need to get it, watch it and read about it, all wrapped up in a single tag.

On Curately you can explore the story behind tagged items in an image with just one click, turning your search for the who’s and where’s into an experience that is here and now. Discover the top picks from the Curately community, while finding a space where you can collaborate, socialize and network with those in the know.

Curate your experiences and link your story on iOS or Android.

The full story.
With Curately you can:

– Tap on the green tag to buy, watch or read about the things you want.
– Buy products tagged in an image.
– Watch videos about products tagged in an image.
– Read content about products tagged in an image.
– Discover the latest trends and products with tags from the other users on Curately.
– Tag your own images.
– Use our auto-suggestion to pinpoint items in your image.
– Choose between adding your own product, video, and article links to your tag, or browse through top picks from the Curately community.
– Share your curated images on other social media platforms.
– Like and comment on the images you like and share the love.
– Invite your friends to join you on Curately.
– Find your Curately crew and collaborate across multiple categories.
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