Upload or share your images on Curately

Upload, or share any image on Curately. Click the +Create tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. This will open an upload window where you will be able to drag, or upload an image file. Make sure your image is no smaller than 304px and no bigger than 5000px. Curately only accommodates jpeg, png and gif files (gif files are unable to play on Curately … for now).
Crop your image

Once you’ve uploaded your image you’ll have the option to crop your image. You’ll be able to select between square, wide and tall. Move the cropped area by clicking and dragging it, and when you’re happy click done!

Tag your image

Once you’ve uploaded and cropped your image, it’s time to tag it. When your cursor hovers over your image it will change into a green tag. All you need to do is click on the item you want to find [tag it] and we’ll try to match it with our image recognition software. You can tag up to five items in an image.
Finding a match

Once a match has been found, make sure that you select the correct category and color to get recommendations. If the input field is empty, there will be a red dot on the top right hand corner of the field box. If the item matched isn’t the one you want, you can always type in the keyword to search for a match. If you type in a color as part of a keyword, your color will automatically be selected in the color drop down menu.

Adding a keyword

What if we don’t have the item you’re looking for? Well that just means you’re a pioneer, and the first to look for that item [you trendy thing you]! It’s your chance to help out your community by being the adventurer you are and charting unmapped waters to help out others that might be looking for the same thing.


After selecting the item you’re interested in, instant recommendations will pop up from other users, as well as over ten million quality products from hundreds of connected online stores provided by us.
This also includes instant video and content recommendations about the item you’re looking for. So you can browse through how to guides, reviews and general information you might want to know.

Curate your recommendations

It’s all about you, so you choose the recommendations you think are helpful. The same applies to video and content recommendations that appear directly underneath the products. This ensures that you get the best information about the item you want from people in the know.
To favorite a product, video or article, just click on the star on the top right hand corner of each recommendation. The product, video or article will then appear in your “Favorites” stream. To unlink or “unfavorite” a product, video or article, just click on the highlighted star and it will be removed.

Adding links

It’s possible that there might not be product, video or content results for the item you’re looking for. Maybe it’s rare, maybe it just appeared on the market, maybe you’re just the first to look for it, or maybe it’s a URL to your own product on your own online store. Whatever the reason, it’s users like you that go a long way to creating a space in which discovery and exploration is possible.
So how do you go about adding your own link in your tag? Just click on the “Add own URL” button in your “Favorites” stream, choose whether this URL links to a product, video or article, and presto! To remove a URL, just click the green star on the top right hand corner of the link.

Editing / Deleting tags

Press “Done” when you have finished curating your tag. You can now tag another item [you can add up to five tags] as well as edit or delete any of your existing tags.
Red tags

If any of your tags are incomplete, that image will automatically be saved into your “Drafts” stream on your profile. Once you have completed curating these tags, the image will be published on your public profile [your “Curated” stream.
Your community

You get to choose who you follow, which means you get to choose what content you see. If you love someone’s posts, then go to their profile and click follow so you can check out their images in your own curated home stream. You can also link your social accounts to your profile (go to your profile, and click “Edit Profile” at the top of your page to edit your profile) so that people can check you out on other platforms.

If this hasn’t answered any of your questions, try our FAQ page.

Need help with something that isn’t working like it should, or you still have questions that our FAQ pages haven’t answered? Then please contact our support, and we’ll answer any questions you have, or help you in any way we can to give you the best possible experience on Curately.