How do I create a Curately profile?
To create a profile you’ll need to sign up with a unique username and password here. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be sent a registration email (check your spam folder!) that will include a link, as well as your username and password. Follow the link and use your details to log in.
How do I upload images?
There are two ways to upload images to your profile. First things first, click the +Create tab on Curately’s navigation bar to get to the upload page. Then you can either upload an image directly from your computer’s image library, or you can drag the image directly into the upload box.
I’m not getting any verification / password retrieval emails?
Sometimes our emails are sorted straight into your spam folder. Turns out spam filters are pretty strict, which is great, just not when you’re waiting on your password. So next time your email goes into spam, just mark it so it redirects to your inbox instead.
It says my image is too big, or too small. What now?
On Curately you can only upload images that are bigger than 304px and smaller than 10MB. Your images must also be a jpeg, png or gif file (note that gifs, however, do not play on Curately … yet). If your image is too big, or too small, you’ll have to resize it, or try find a similar image.
How do I tag items within an image?
Once you’ve uploaded an image, or you’re editing an image, your cursor will turn into a tag when it hovers over your image. Click the item you wish to tag and watch our ‘magic’ try identify your item.
Magic couldn’t identify / didn’t identify the right item
Sometimes ‘magic’ gets it wrong, or sometimes it’s so on point that it might get a little too specific. Not to worry! You can edit your keyword to fit your item. Don’t forget to choose the matching color and category to get recommendations for your item.
There are no results for my item
Well then, you pioneer you. You obviously are on the cutting edge of what’s what. And who are we to interfere? That’s why we’ve made it possible to add the keywords you want! Just click “submit” and your keyword will be searchable by other Curately users who are also searching for that item. Plus you get to add content and share your expertise with your followers!
The link I want to add won’t upload
We’ve tried to cater for all pages all over the web, but it’s possible that there are pages or videos that Curately won’t recognise. We’re sorry about that, but the internet is quite a large place, so if your link doesn’t work the way it should contact our support team and we’ll try make sure Curately is compatible with the sites you love the most.
How do I find similar items?
Once you’ve successfully tagged items, you’ll see green targets placed over your image, if you click on these a pop up window appears with a list of similar items, as well as videos and articles relating to that item. You can scroll through this list and see where to get the item you want, or, if you know where to get it, you can insert the link to that item. Press the star icon at the bottom of products to “favorite” that item. This makes sure that it’s the first product shown when you click on your tag.
How do I buy an item?
Click on the item you want to buy in the list of similar products. The product will appear in single view. Click the “Shop Now” button and you’ll be taken directly to where you can purchase the product.
Can I edit my tags?
Yes you can! Click on the image you want to edit. Once in single view, there will be 3 icons at the bottom of the image. Click on the pencil icon to edit your tags and caption and click “Done” to save your changes!
Can I move my tags?
Of course! Click on the image you want to edit. Once in single view, you will be able to click and reposition the tag wherever your heart [or item] desires.
How can people see who tagged a shared image first?
When you click on an image you’ll see “Shared by” appears at the bottom, this is who shared the image first.
Is there a limit to the amount of tags an image can have?
Yes, a single image can only have 5 tags. This helps to avoid the same items being tagged over and over again.
Why does my image color change when uploaded to Curately?
It might be that the color profile of your image is Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB, which is currently not supported … yet.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you’ve forgotten your password all you need to do is click on “Forgot your password?” when prompted to log in. Your password will then be sent to the email address you provided.

If your question wasn’t answered in our FAQ section, please feel free to contact our support team and we’ll get right on it.