How to use Curately

Discovering posts on Curately

Discover people and posts

Discover curated tags, people, posts and more in multiple categories.

Explore tags on posts

Tap on the green tag to buy, watch and read about the things you want, curated by other users!

Inviting friends
What to do when you want to share the posts you love the most? Invite your friends and family to join you of course! Just go to your profile page, tap on the invite friends icon, and form your own Curately tribe.

Posting on Curately

Upload your image/gallery or take photo/crop

Tap the “+” icon to start curating your own post. Choose, or take, the photo you want to curate and choose the crop that frames it best.

Tag your image/Get auto suggestion

Tap on the item you want to curate. You can choose whether you’d like an auto-suggestion of what the item is, or you can just type the keyword in yourself, chop, chop!

Tag your image/I know what it is
Fill in your keyword and pick a category to get product, video and article suggestions relating to your keyword.
Add your links

Know exactly where to get the info you need? Or maybe you’re linking to your own store, vlog or blog, you hustler, you.

Tap on “Add link” for the section you want to add to, and we’ll automatically open your browser with prepopulated results from your keyword to get you going.

When you’ve got the goodies, tap, “Copy this URL” and boom! You’ve got yourself a curated tag.

Favourite your top picks from the Curately community

Not too sure what to link to, or just don’t have the time? Pick from the top rated suggestions from other users by tapping on the star.

Delete tags
To delete a tag, tap on the “…” and select the option, “Edit this image”. Select the bin icon to delete your tags.
Add your caption and post it

Say a little something something about your post by typing a quick caption about what you’ve tagged, and share your story.

Filter posts on profile

Why spend days scrolling through your feed to show that one post, when you can just filter them? No more awkward searches when you’re in the middle of your best stories.

Draft steam
If you don’t have time to finish up a post it will be saved into your draft stream. You can find your draft stream on your profile page, waiting for those final curated touches.

Interacting with posts on Curately

Like and comment on a post
Start a conversation on your favourite posts with comments, or tap the like button to let your fellow curators know what you’re loving!
Share posts
Share the love with your friends and family that aren’t on Curately yet.
Curate another user’s posts
See a post you’re dying to curate? You can retag and repost the same image with your top links or suggestions.
Flag a post

Find a post that seems like spam, presents incorrect info, or is just plain offensive? Let us know by flagging the post and we’ll get right on it!